Insurance Services

PKS Financial Services Inc. (“PKSF”), a PKS affiliated company, functions as an insurance sales agency throughout the United States. Our objective is simply to provide our insurance agents with unparalleled education, sales and service support matched by lucrative commission levels that can be offered to those practicing a multi-dimensional financial services business model. PKSF is open to established insurance agents that need a trusted partner to help build their insurance business and enhance client relationships.

PKSF offers sales of Whole, Term, Universal, and Survivorship life insurance, as well as Fixed Annuity, Linked-Benefit Annuity, Linked-Benefit Life, Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance.

As an added service, PKSF will allow for case consultations involving the variable life products offered through select vendors for all registered representatives of PKS Investments. PKSF will also support insurance-based Equity Indexed products.

For more information on PKSF, its product offerings, service and support, please visit the PKSF website at

If you have any questions, please contact the PKSF Life Desk by email at or by phone 1-855-PKS-LIFE (1-855-757-5433)

Insurance Services

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